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Azure Windows Virtual Desktop “campaign in a box”

Without sellers in the field, digital marketing is more important than ever - and we're making it even easier to co-market with Microsoft. To accelerate lead generation and cloud customer acquisition at scale, you can now access, customize, and distribute entire marketing campaigns - aligned to your business needs - as part of your Microsoft Partner Network membership.


Check out the “campaign in a box” that best fit your marketing initiatives, with selections by target, solution and technology stack, and campaign theme: https://aka.ms/GTM-Sales-Plays-Campaigns You can either lift single assets to integrate into your own campaigns or activate your Digital Marketing Content OnDemand resource through the Go-To-Market with Microsoft program and receive step-by-step guidance on how to create full 12 week campaigns.


The Azure Windows Virtual Desktop for enterprise  “campaign in a box” has a great collection of assets for a working remotely environment.

Enable your sales team with the easily customised Telesales guide – and the customer pitch deck makes a great follow up for those MQLs.


See all our technology sales plays in this summary deck

https://aka.ms/GTM-Sales-Plays-Campaigns or activate your Digital Marketing Content OnDemand resource via Partner Centre https://partner.microsoft.com/dashboard


Any requests, feedback or questions let us know: gtm@microsoft.com







Hi partner community! Hope you like the new assets - there's a great selection. My favourite asset is the security infographic, this messaging resonates really well with our customers in market. Reach out to Bel and I if you have any questions!

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