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Locked out, unable to contact Microsoft - website + phone is down


My business is down, I'm locked out of Visual Studio and unable to renew due to the Microsoft website being down. I was not given any notice that my Action Pack needed to be renewed. My work has come to a standstill and I'm unable to provide support to my customers.


The Microsoft partner website is giving me either a "Gateway Timeout" or a "Critical Error". The Microsoft phone support is "unavailable at this time". 


Posting in this forum is the only way I can find to contact anyone at Microsoft. I'm at a loss.


Regards, Jon

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For anyone else thinking of starting a new project. Be aware of the risks using Visual Studio. They can 'accidentally' remove your login access remotely. You have no way to directly contact them and all your services are down until it's resolved. You'll get canned answers that don't answer questions and the support websites are a mess. Circular redirects, 404 error pages, internal server errors, etc. It's a total mess, and with no way to lodge a complaint, I don't see it ever being resolved. Go figure.


Thank you for reaching out and we apologise for any inconvenience this issue has caused. We recently experienced a downtime in Partner Center this morning which prevents users from accessing the Portal and this has now been mitigated. To better assist you, please raise a ticket in Partner Center and one of our Partner Support Advocates will get in touch to assist you with your concern.