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A community dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand ISV Community.


Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamps

Developers worldwide are invited to attend the virtual, live Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamps for free hands-on training!


You'll learn the latest on building apps and solutions with Microsoft 365.

Topics covered include Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Graph, SharePoint Framework, Office Add-ins, Microsoft Identity Platform, Power Platform and Windows.



The Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp will offer two exciting workshops on:

  1. Build “One Productivity Hub” using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Graph Toolkit and,
  2. Build an Emergency Response solution with Teams and SharePoint.

Each will be going live in three dispersed timezones. Registrants will join the workshop via Teams and will dive into highly interactive modules with live support from the instructors.


Please sign up here https://aka.ms/Global365DeveloperBootcamp.



In addition to the above bootcamps, Microsoft MVPs and Community leaders will be offering similar live virtual bootcamps in their local region, so you can attend any of them that fits your schedule.

You can check out the full list of these available bootcamps at http://aka.ms/m365devbootcamp2020


Here are the bootcamps I've shortlisted specific to ANZ region:


Please reach out if you have any questions!