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Whether you’ve been working through our Getting Started with Power Platform program, or just completed the Power App GTM Acceleration program – this is the Insider Community for you.


For those who don’t know me, I’m Cass Smith, the Partner Marketing Advisor for Business Applications here in Australia. My role is essentially to help make it easier for you to go to market with Microsoft in Business Applications.


I’ll be posting regularly in this community on all things Power so you can continue to build your practice for those just starting out, all the way through to getting your Low Code Advanced Specialisation. To be notified of a post, just click the "Power Insider" label at the bottom of this post to subscribe to this topic.  


We know there is a LOT of content coming from Microsoft that you are trying to keep across, so I’ll be curating the key pieces here to make it a little easier for you. Expect things like:

  • details on Power training sessions and certifications to skill up your team and gain competencies
  • resources to help you build a Power solution, transact via our marketplaces, and promote your solution
  • information on Microsoft incentives you can tap into
  • links to events where you can hear the latest updates on Power

This is your community so I’d love to see you share your learnings and success stories too so we can all succeed together.  


I know you’re all madly closing out the FY so I’m not including anything new in this post - but stay tuned in early July when I will be able to bring you news of Power updates in FY22 and dates for the next PL-200 and PL-400 bootcamps in August.


Thanks again for being part of the community. Don't forget to subscribe by clicking the "Power Insider" label below - and don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions or comments.


Cheers, Cass

Cass Smith

Partner Marketing Advisor - Business Applications