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The App Modernisation opportunity

Customers across Australia and New Zealand are looking for best practice advice right now to reimagine their app estates. During Partner Connect, we tackled this topic, diving into the opportunity that app modernisation presents for our partners.


Our customers are grappling with when to migrate, when to modernise and when to start from scratch - while also facing a shortage in IT skills and talent. We’ve recently completed a research piece, and gathered insights from a number of partners who shared their experiences and advice.


The key themes were clear:


Start with the basics of great customer service

Listening and customer centricity was a clear theme – leaving preconceived notions and solutions at the door and following the information provided by the customer. What is the problem? What are the barriers? What is the appetite for change, and how are they set up to support the solution that would deliver them the most benefits? What processes are in place, and how can they be improved or supported?


Pinpoint the pain point

Partners succeeding in this space reported that getting customers to invest in a strategic solution depended on a deep understanding of what brought customers to their door in the first place. Customer pain points typically centre around cost, skill and time to value – and they often expect a long and painful process.  Many partners noted that customers were waiting until alarm bells were almost ringing before they took steps to seek help.


By understanding the pain point, partners could often provide an initial smaller ‘fix’ while opening up further opportunities for app modernisation. Building this trust and understanding in app modernisation and low code uncovered new, and more exciting opportunities.


One size does not fit all

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Spending time getting to know the customer is a key ingredient to success - understanding comes first, and the right fusion solution follows. The range of solutions are as specific to each customer as a fingerprint; which is why one size does not fit all. Having a process, frameworks, scalable IP and solid change management principles are key to working through the best solution with the customer - just don’t expect the end result to be the same every time.


Build your own style

One thing that was apparent across the interviews was that each highly successful organisation had found their own way of determining and supporting the needs of customers that worked for them. Each had a pathway and a way of determining the needs of their customers, walking them through their options, and guiding them to a solution that would work.


So with that in mind, we want to help you, our partners realise this opportunity in the market right now and have the right conversations with your customers. That’s why we’re building a new Partner Playbook.


Playbook coming soon!

The potential to expand your offering and modernise your practices lies with your customers and spotting the opportunities in their pain points. Do they rely on an app with end of life looming? What will happen to their workloads? Or have they come to you for a fix but you can see they’d benefit from a low code solution?


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Next steps: