Pre-Sales Power Hour!! Spend an hour with one of our Biz App Technical Specialists each month.

You have a demo to prepare for and want to make sure you hit all the right points. To do this, you need to have a good understanding of what the Customer’s challenges are and how you envisage technology solving those challenges. Let’s assume you’ve got this part.


Now you’re looking to build out a demonstration but you’re second guessing if you’re showcasing the latest technology, positioning the Microsoft platform correctly or maybe you’re just having difficulty setting something up. You chat to your peers and they provide some insights but you’re really wishing you could chat to a Pre-Sales resource within Microsoft.


Enter the Pre-Sales Power Hour. This is an initiative that we’re starting that will see 3 Microsoft Technical Specialist in the BizApps space make themselves available for an hour on the first Wednesday of each month. The idea is that you, as a Pre-Sales resource in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem, can ask questions about presentation tips, content and the latest technology. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and if we don’t have the answers on-hand, we’ll look to find someone who does.


The end-goal is that you feel more comfortable and informed to position the Microsoft platform and demonstrate how the ecosystem is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. Just so you know, this is an open invitation, so there maybe people from other Partners on the call.  


The first session is on Wednesday 3 November, 11am - 12pm AEST.


To register for this session, please visit here.


We look forward to chatting to you shortly.




Blake, Pooja & Sergei


Presentation from this session is attached.